Monterey Peninsula Unified School District BESTS

Building Equitable Supports through a Tiered System (BESTS)

An important first step in supporting students and families who are experiencing homelessness and/or housing insecurity is to identify who those students and families are. The resources below are meant to support the identification process.

Resources for Process Development

Year-Long Plan

This resource is an example of a year-long plan that outlines the steps districts and school sites can take and activities they can provide throughout the year to serve their district’s McKinney-Vento student population. On the left you will list your time frame, in this example it is broken down by month, and on the right you will see the various tasks and activities that need to be completed in the given time frame. Having a year-long plan will help keep you organized, on task, and accountable.

Resources for Direct Implementation

These Processes for Direct Implementation are identification resources that you can download, edit, adapt and directly use with students and families to strengthen your current efforts.

Housing questionnaire

This is a sample of what a Housing Questionnaire can look like. MPUSD developed this version in 2022 based on feedback from parents and students. Be sure to include the McKinney-Vento rights on your questionnaire as it is a requirement by law.

Mid-year Questionnaire

The Mid-year Questionnaire is a letter that can be sent out to all families as they come back from winter break. Doing so helps reinforce identification efforts, strengthen the home to school connection, and keep records up to date for all students and families.

Additional Flyer

This is a sample flyer that can be used to promote the program and services offered by your on-site liaisons. Please be sure to always include contact information where families can reach out to the liaison directly.

End Of Year Letter

The End of Year Letter is a form that can be sent out prior to summer break, typically between May-June. This letter will help to prepare families for what to expect for the upcoming school year, the registration process, and resources that families can access while away from school.